Long Island Store Clerk Chases Robber From Store With Machete (Video)


Police released a video Monday of a storekeeper chasing away an armed robber with a machete, a move they recommended not to imitate.

The robber entered the convenience store in Long Island on Sep. 25, carrying a .22 caliber handgun and wearing a mask. The suspect fired a warning shot into the wall, though the clerk believed that it was a fake gun and decided to act.

In the surveillance video, the clerk pulls a machete out from under the counter and waves it at the suspect, who runs out of the store without any money.

The store owner, who said the store had been broken into at least a dozen times, purchased the weapon to prevent further losses.

The final shot of the video shows the clerk chasing the suspect through the parking lot and into the dark.

"In some part, we’re proud of him, but in some way he risked his life,” the clerk’s colleague said.

Detective Lt. Kevin Breyer said police have received tips regarding the suspect, but no arrests have been made.

The suspect is described as a young African-American man with a thin build, about 5’10” tall.

Police are offering a $5,000 for information leading to an arrest.

Sources: Newser, CBS News


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