Hero Saves Kids In Runaway Car (Video)

Long Island man David Cincotta saved three young girls in a runaway vehicle last month. His heroics can be seen in the video footage below. 

Cincotta was at the Lukoil gas station in North Babylon just after getting off work. When he stepped inside the minimart to pay for his gas, he ran into his father and the two began talking.

Suddenly, Cincotta heard panicked cries from outside and saw a woman dart out the door. He quickly followed her out.

“I heard kids screaming, ‘Mommy!’” Cincotta said. “They sounded really, really scared.”

In the surveillance footage, a white sedan with the children inside can be seen moving in reverse toward a busy road. The woman manages to open the car door but stumbles underneath it – Cincotta, however, jumps inside.

“I put it in park, looked in the backseat and saw three kids,” Cincotta said. “They said they were OK, and there were high-fives all around.”

The woman was clearly shaken and even cried in Cincotta’s arms. Though she sustained several bruises and road rash, she did not receive any major injuries.

Cincotta noted that the incident should be a lesson to parents who leave children in the car with the engine running.

Sources: Inquisitir, Newsday


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