Long Island Golf Club Tam O’Shanter Accused of Hiring Strippers and Prostitutes

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From a country club to a strip club? Golf just got a little more interesting.

A prestigious Long Island golf club, Tam O’Shanter, was caught hiring prostitutes and strippers to perform and entertainment club members on and off the course. The club, in Brookville, costs $15,000 a year for members.

The naughty news concerning the club was revealed when a former employee, bartender Justin Williams, accused management of endorsing sexual harassment and prostitution. He claims that when he complained about being sexually harassed, he was fired and told he was having a mental breakdown.

Williams reveals in his complaint that the strippers would entertain club members at each of the tees on the course while they were playing a round of golf. According to the New York Post, employees were told they couldn’t discuss any of the activities going on and cell phones weren’t allowed to prevent anyone from taking pictures.

During the illicit activities at cocktail hour, the general manager, Maureen Hollenbach, and food manager, Carl O’Boyle, would send the female employees home. Members of the club could approach any of the prostitutes. Many would then engage in sex in the showers, locker rooms, and massage rooms.

Even beyond the sexual scandals, Williams also claims in the EEOC complaint that management told him to refill premium liquor bottles with cheap alcohol but still charge premium prices.

This month is the club’s 50th anniversary and they’ll be spending it under complaints and investigation. Club members are predominantly elite businessmen, lawyers, and doctors.

The country club has yet to comment.


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