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Long Island Football Players Allegedly Assaulted, Called N-Word By White Opposing Team

Long Island high school football players say they were beaten and taunted by a predominantly white opposing team and that referees did nothing to stop it.

Five Amityville High School varsity football players are suing Suffolk County’s Comsewogue High School after they were allegedly called the N-word and assaulted during a November game.

"They swarmed our players. They tried to hurt us. I was swarmed by not one, but 3 to 4 players, you know," Travon Duncan told WABC.

“Before the halftime break, the kids were getting in our faces, like ‘Yeah, it’s coming for you, all game, all game, n----- this, n----- that,’” said another player, Ricky Jean-Michel.

They claim the players weren’t the only ones participating in the brawl.

“Their coach comes up to me and he grabs me viciously by my left shoulder pad and said, ‘N-----, I’ll kill you,’” Duncan said. “I wouldn’t lie about something like that.”

“I remember the coach, in my face, grabbed my chest plate and say ‘I’m gonna f------ kill you,” Jean-Michel added.

“The coach grabbed me and I was choking, so he’s choking me and then does nothing to stop his player from still attacking me, so his player was hitting me,” said Niem Harvey.

An Amityville coach confirmed in a witness statement that he saw Comsewogue coaches “throwing punches, shoving and preventing our players from getting up from the floor.”

"The district is extremely concerned and disappointed with the actions that took place at Comsewogue,” the Amityville assistant superintendent told WABC.

Comsewogue would not comment on the matter due to pending legal action.

Sources: New York Daily News, WABC


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