Long Island Couple Finds 3-Foot-Long Python In Couch

After cleaning out a basement apartment, Long Island, New York couple and landlords Mr. and Mrs. Wang discovered a 3-foot-long python in a couch.

The apartment had recently been vacated when the couple began to clean it out. When Mrs. Wang lifted up a cushion on the couch, she saw the snake.

“Lo and behold there’s a snake and she started screaming and ran out of the room,” Mr. Wang said. “As you would expect.”

Mr. Wang immediately called the Town of Brookhaven Holtsville Ecology Center, who then notified the Suffolk County SPCA.

According to the SPCA, the non-venomous Ball Python belonged to a former tenant and was meant to be adopted by an upstairs tenant. However, it got loose.

A private owner has since adopted the snake and since Ball Pythons are legal to own, no charges have been filed.

Sources: KRMG, DailyMail


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