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Long Island Cop Caught on Tape Choking Man in His Kitchen (Video)

A Suffolk County police officer is under investigation after a video was posted to YouTube showing him choking and threatening a man in his Sound Beach, N.Y., home.

The incident occurred in the kitchen of Michael Schuchman, 22, on March 28.

Police were responding to complaints about a large party thrown at the house and dispersed the partygoers. Schuchman claims there were no more than 15 people in his home when police arrived.

In the video, an officer threatens to beat Schuman. Schuchman tells him to “get out,” and then the officer grabs him by the neck and pushes him against the kitchen cabinets.

He tells Schuchman to watch his tone, no matter how much he has had to drink that night. He lets go of Schuchman just before another officer enters the kitchen, perhaps coming to break up the altercation.

"I told him multiple times he couldn't come in without a warrant," Schuchman told Newsday. "That's why he was mad in the first place."

He said he does not want to press charges against the officer who grabbed his throat. "As long as he's learned his lesson, I don't want to get him fired."

Schuchman’s own aunt, who lives next door, said her nephew’s late night parties are getting out of control. Anna Schuchman believes the “cop was just doing his job.”

She says the police have been called several times to the house on Sayville Road and are often “taunted” by party-goers who insist “I know my rights.”

Suffolk County Police Department said, "At the conclusion of the investigation, we will take appropriate action."

Warning: The following video contains graphic language.

Sources: Newsday, Gothamist


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