Long Beach Set to Vote on Ammunition Registration


LONG BEACH, Calif. --- On Tuesday, March 24, the Long Beach City Council is set to vote on whether to
draft an ordinance to force ammunition sellers in Long Beach to record the identity of all
ammunition purchasers, as well as other details of the sales transaction. These
records would then be collected and used by the Long Beach Police Department to
identify purchasers who are legally prohibited from possessing ammunition.

This ordinance will do nothing to reduce crime. It is simply an attempt
to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

results of previous ammunition registration experiments have been so dismal that
other cities have abandoned these schemes rather than pay to maintain

The ordinance is also illegal. These ammunition registration
ordinances are preempted by state law and constitute an unconstitutional
infringement on the Second Amendment.

Your help
is needed to defeat this proposal. Please call and email the Long Beach City Council
and/or attend the City Council meeting on March 24, 2009 and voice your
opposition. Tell your neighbors to do the same.
For contact information for the Long Beach City Council, please click here.



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