Long Beach, California May Ban Ice Cream Truck Music


Most people have cherished memories of the ice cream truck rolling into their neighborhood and playing warbled music as kids bought ice cream cones.

However, Long Beach, California Councilman Dee Andrews is not one of those people. He plans to introduce an ordinance at next week's council meeting to ban music played by ice cream trucks while they are parked and selling ice cream.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Andrews wants to shut down what he calls the “the nuisance that ice cream trucks create.”

Andrews claims that he has received residents' complaints for years about the music from idle ice cream trucks.

He says that peace and quiet is disrupted by numerous ice cream trucks playing various songs that “can be heard throughout the day and into the evening hours for several blocks.”

“Currently, there are no laws on the books regulating the trucks from playing music while they are parked. To keep trucks in compliance within the noise regulations, one of the enforcement mechanism for the strengthening of the noise ordinance with be administered through the Business License Department," said Councilman Andrews.

Source: CBS Los Angeles


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