London Teachers Discouraged From Using Red Ink Because it Upsets Students


Teachers at a secondary school in London have been told to avoid red ink when correcting student work, according to The Telegraph. Some argue that the color is too offensive.

“It is absolutely political correctness gone wild,” said Tory MP Bob Blackman, after a schoolteacher wrote to him in complaint.

The problem is not in the color itself, teachers argue, but its weakening effects on students’ self esteem in the absence of red. When students evade the consequences of their actions, there is no room for correction or improvement. Academia is a place of reflection and growth – obliterating red ink would cripple the system.

“How long will it be before somebody refuses to stop at a red traffic light because the color offends them?” said one Queensland teacher.

Another teacher argued in favor of the request, stating that she used green ink in the hopes that students might be more receptive to feedback. She felt that red ink was making her students uncomfortable.

The decision was most likely made by the school’s principal, although The Department for Education was questioned briefly, given Secretary of State Michael Grove’s new “back-to-basic” curriculum. The highly criticized plan emphasizes retaining facts rather than expanding thought.

Teacher rallies are planned in opposition to begin this summer.

Sources: The Telegraph, Canada Free Press


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