London Car Thieves Busted After Posting ‘Cash Sandwich’ Pic On Facebook


A gang of eight car thieves operating in London were busted after one of them posted a photo of himself on Facebook holding a “cash sandwich.”

Conor Murphy posted a photo showing him holding two slices of bread stuffed with hundreds of British pounds.

Police were then able to search the social network for other incriminating pictures and close in on the gang. Some of the photos the cops were able to find showed gang members sitting in cars that they stole. The thieves are believed to have made off with nine cars including BMWs, Range Rovers, Porsches and an expensive Mercedes, Mirror reported.

The gang members were Murphy, 19, Daniel Talbot, 23, and Rory Mason, 18, all from north Kensington; Kalan Williamson, 20, from Chelsea; Niah George, 18, from Hammersmith; Jonathan Oriba, 20, from Notting Hill; Akil Ford, 20, from Clapham; and Yassin Imlahi, 19, from Kensington. They were all convicted of burglary and sentenced to a total of 31 years and two months behind bars.

After the sentencing, DI Craig Leonard of the Kensington Police had this to say:

“Months and months of hard work have finally come to fruition. These eight were a group of young lads, who were good at what they did. But their downfall was that they were stupid. They posted pictures of their loot on Facebook and sent messages to each other using Blackberry Messenger planning their crimes. They were brazen about their crimes but this eventually led to their downfall.”

He added: “These were men who were wrapped up in their own world and driven by by greed and the gangster lifestyle. If an opportunity arose, they would go for it. They were going into properties regardless of people being in or not. Since their arrest we have seen a 48 per cent decrease in burglaries in the Kensington area. The sentences passed down today show this kind of crime is totally unacceptable.”

Sources: Mirror, The Daily Mail


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