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Lomon Sar Threatens Best Buy Store When Video Game Is Not in Stock

Employees at a Best Buy in Aurora, Colorado said 31-year-old Lomon Sar threatened to blow up the store after he learned a video game that he had pre-ordered was not in stock.

“The last store I called was the Best Buy by my house and they said okay, we have three copies, two are on reserve and one is here available,” Sar told the local CBS station. “She charged the card, it was $108… She put my name on the box.”

Sar went to pick up the game 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,' but when he arrived, it wasn’t there and he became irate at the customer service employee.

“He says what’s your name and starts typing in my name and he couldn’t find anything. The manager deleted me off their system! Like, took me out of the system! Took all my information out of the system everything,” said Sar.

Police said that Sar asked employees when they were leaving the store and said that he intended to shoot them in the parking lot as they were leaving work. He also allegedly made another statement that involved blowing up the store.

“I put my hand up to my head and said look I’m so pissed right now I could blow this place up right now. That’s how mad I am!,” said Sar.

“Investigating officers issued a criminal summons to a man who threatened to carry out his own version of modern warfare at the electronics store. Fortunately, this situation did not end in violence,” said Aurora Police Detective Bob Friel.

“I didn’t know words can get you in that much trouble, but apparently they can,” said Sar.

Sar said Best Buy did refund $108 he paid for the game.


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