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Texas Oil Rig Expert Has "Logical Fix" for Oil Spill

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HARLINGEN, TX-- It's time for outside experts to take over, now that a foreign-owned company's efforts have failed to fix the horrendous environmental catastrophe it created.  A Texas oil rig and pipeline expert has developed a solution that could stop the underwater gusher in a matter of days.  Details of this "logical fix" are now available online.

Daniel E. Davis, who holds numerous patents in the pipeline and hydraulics industries, has developed a step-by-step solution to quickly gain control of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and has posted those schematics on

Davis is the CEO of the D.E. Davis Group, a consortium of construction, heavy equipment and pipeline companies based in Harlingen, Texas. He has extensive experience with off shore oil rigs and oil field operations, having worked throughout North, South and Central America for more than 30 years.  

The logical solution involves capping the leak with a structure similar to the first one BP attempted to use. This one would be fitted with 30+ inch output ports and collars to control flow and pressure. The structure would be put in place from a vertical style deep water pipelaying vessel with dynamic positioning capabilities. Davis explains that an oil and gas separator at the surface is the key feature needed to provide product and pressure control.

Davis has gone so far as to assemble a team of experts with years of experience from all over the world. "These individuals are well-respected for their contributions over the years. They are standing by to oversee all aspects of this operation," Davis says. "Not only is this solution designed to stop the gushing quickly, but it will be accomplished in an environmentally responsible manner."

"Give us the green light, and we can have this spill contained in a matter of days with the equipment and resources already in the area," says Davis. "We know what to do and how to do it. It's time to rely on experts who can get the job done right – right now."


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