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Logan Hunt: A Foster Care Story With A Happy Ending

Logan Hunt, 19, used to be the epitome of everything that is wrong with the American foster care system. Logan was put up for adoption as a toddler, but after a failed adoption attempt in his later childhood, he was funneled into the never-ending merry-go-round of foster-home life.

At 18, Logan (whose legal name used to be Seth Miller) had aged out of the system and thus was released off into the world, where, with little to no resources, he ended up living out of his car.

"Everything around me was pretty much empty," Logan said.

Although all seemed lost, with no end or future plans in sight, Logan continued to survive on his own.

After a story with WFAA-TV in 2013, Logan’s court-appointed special advocate got in contact with Robert and Ara Hunt, the couple who had adopted Logan’s younger sister, Shyann.  

The Hunts were at first apprehensive about meeting with Logan, not knowing what to expect or what kind of trials he had been through. Eventually, the couple decided that they would meet Logan and bring Shyann along.

"When we let go of the fears, we found forever," Ara said.

The Hunts eventually asked Logan if he would move in with the large family and, in a sense, become a part of it. This transitional period was difficult for the two parties, as portrayed by various encounters in which Logan found it odd he was being invited on family outings.

One can only imagine the odd sense of being alone for so long and then suddenly swept up in the arms of a loving family. After months of reassurance, Logan began to feel more comfortable with being a part of his new family.

"I've had to tell him many times, 'I'm sorry for not finding you sooner. I wish I had. I wish I knew about you, because I would have gotten you the minute you were born," Ara said.

On Oct. 3, exactly a year after Logan came to live with the Hunts, the family took a short trip to the local courthouse to file adoption papers for the 19-year-old. Although the adoption of someone who isn’t a minor is a rare occurrence, the move signified that Logan would forever have what he always wished for – a family. 


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