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Man Wanted For Killing Two, Shooting Police Officers (Photos)

An Oklahoma man is at large after killing two people and shooting four others, including two police officers.

Police received a call on Oct. 23 reporting gunfire in Wellston, Oklahoma City, KTVI reported. When officers arrived at the scene, Michael Vance opened fire on them with an AK-47.

Officer Shaun Stewart and Officer Jim Hampton suffered non-life threatening injuries. After shooting at the officers, Vance stole a police car and fled the scene.

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The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office wrote a statement on Facebook:

At approximately 6:30 this evening, two Wellston police officers were shot while responding to a shots fired call in the Wellston area. The injuries were fortunately not life-threatening. The suspects fled the scene in a Lincoln Towncar, white in color with a blue top. One subject is currently in custody, the following subject, Michael Vance, is still at large.

The above information is provided by Lincoln County E911. At this time this is all the information we have available for the public. We ask that you give them the courtesy of refraining from making calls to either the Sheriff's Office or the 911 dispatch center for anything other than emergency calls. Our dispatchers are busy trying to keep our officers alive and informed as well as keeping the public safe.

The suspect recorded a video while inside the police vehicle and posted it on Facebook. In the footage, Vance said he was planning to steal another vehicle.

Vance then allegedly shot a woman and stole her car. That woman also sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Authorities found the woman’s car near a residence where two of Vance’s relatives live. Both relatives were found shot to death.

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The victims were identified as Ronald Wilkson, 55, and Kay Wilkson, 54. Ronald was shot with an AK-47, according to court documents. He also had a large cut on his neck, suggesting that Vance attempted to sever his head, officials said.

Kay had a large cut on her shoulder. Authorities believe Vance may have attempted to sever her arm.

Vance also stole the Wilkson's silver 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Police believe Vance could still be driving that vehicle. The license plate number is 943-LQQ.

Vance is also suspected of shooting another man at a gas station in Sayre and attempting to carjack another 54-year-old man. Police said the man was shot and underwent surgery at a local hospital. That victim is currently in stable condition.

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Law enforcement officials believe Vance may have returned to Oklahoma City or Lincoln County. He is wanted on two counts of first-degree murder, being in possession of firearm with prior felony conviction and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Vance recently served time in prison for sexually assaulting a child.

Police said Vance is considered armed and dangerous. They said he has been shot at least twice and could be trying to spread disease.

Sources: KTVI, Lincoln County County Sheriff's Office/Facebook / Photo credit: KTVI, OHP via KTVI

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