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Local News Crew Does Not Intervene When Police Officer Goes Berserk on Driver (Video)

A local news crew in West Virginia did nothing to help a man after the police officer who pulled him over went berserk on him.

WVNS-TV, or channel 59, was on a ride-along with Corporal C.D. McCormick of the Beckley Police Department when he pulled over an unidentified middle-aged man, according to Gawker. Reporter Jessie Gavin’s scoop was on the state’s new distracted-driving law, which became a primary offense on July 1.

McCormick spotted a man talking on his cell phone while driving and pulled over his red pick-up truck in a parking lot. On video, we see the man readily exits his trunk, apparently unaware that he is being pulled over, and the officer tells him to have a seat back in his vehicle. 

“Did you not see the lights behind you, sir?” McCormick asks from his police cruiser.

What the man says is inaudible, but he appears to be trying to get back into his truck.

McCormick screams at him. “I’m telling you to sit in your vehicle, do it now!”

As the cameraman and Gavin wait in the cruiser, he speaks with the driver. When McCormick returns to the car, at the 1:50 mark, he tells the news crew, “put that on the news and I’ll kill you.”

The footage then cuts to McCormick returning the driver's paperwork and issuing a citation. This time he is extremely polite to the driver. The news crew follows him up to the red truck and Gavin introduces herself, apparently still prepared to interview the driver despite McCormick’s outburst.

He admits he was talking on the phone, but he is from Virginia where texting is only considered distracted driving. Furthermore, he says the officer was “very rude and inconsiderate.” He says he plans to file a complaint with the officer’s supervisor. Well aware of the fact that it is his word against McCormick’s, the man asked Gavin and her cameraman for their names as well.

Gavin then begins to argue that McCormick was not rude to him. She apparently will not help him make his claim to the officer's supervisor despite having the whole incident on tape.

At the end, the driver asked that the footage not be shown on the air. 59 News uploaded the video online anyway, and according to one viewer the version they used "was edited so as the man seemed uncontrollable and was in the wrong."

Critical viewers have taken to the station’s Facebook page.

Source: Gawker


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