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Local Government Shuts Down 11-Year-Old's Successful Cupcake Business After Appearing In Local Paper

An 11-year-old Illinois girl received a letter from the Madison County Health Department after her successful homemade cupcake business got attention from local media.

Chloe Stirling’s parents said their daughter’s business was the talk of the town before health officials sent her a letter stating that she’s violating the county’s food ordinance and the Illinois State Food Sanitation Code by selling cupcakes without a permit.

Health department spokesperson Amy Yeager says Stirling will also need a licensed kitchen to make her sweets, or to build another kitchen within her family’s home.

The sixth grader started selling cakes and cupcakes to earn money two years ago. Her mother said she’ll match whatever Chloe made by the time she’s 16 so she can purchase her first car.

It is unclear if Chloe will also have to shut down her other business – petsitting. “No Bones About It” has a dozen year-round clients.

Sources: TheBlaze, KMOV


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