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Trip To Grocery Store In Fire Truck Draws Attention From Local Politician

Commissioner Brenda Carey of Seminole County, Florida, recently sent a text message to firefighters complaining that they were using a fire truck to drive to a grocery store while on the clock. Carey followed the crew from the firehouse to a Winn-Dixie that is less than a mile away.

WFTV reported that one of the firefighters, who wished to remain anonymous, said that cooking during a 24-hour shift is normal. The firefighter said, “I just feel it’s very petty.”

When asked about what he felt about Carey following the truck, the firefighter said: “It's just kind of disheartening, you know? We take a lot of pride in the Seminole County Fire Department, and I think we do a really good job."

While the firefighters said that the grocery store run was a normal and necessary event, Carey disagreed.

“I see the FF's are still making grocery runs with our expensive-to-operate vehicles,” she wrote. “I thought the policy had been changed to only allow them to stop when returning from a call. I followed this one from the station to the turn in for the grocery store. Disappointed.”

WFTV reporter Tim Barber examined the firefighter’s policy and found that it says, “It shall be a priority to coordinate grocery runs with other business-related trips ..."

The firefighters said they had their gear with them in case they were called while at the grocery store.

WFTV later reported that the firefighters would not be disciplined.

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Photo Source: WFTV, WikiCommons


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