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Liz Nichols, Pepper-Sprayed Occupy Protester, Ordered to Pay Portland $7,116

An Occupy Wall Street protester who gained attention after a picture of her being pepper-sprayed by police officers went viral is now being forced to pay the city $7,116.

Liz Nichols sued the city of Portland for $30,000 after the 2011 pepper spray incident, but after a four-day trial, she lost the case. The city was then entitled to recover the costs of defending itself in the trial, but as city attorney David Landrum explains, they offered her a deal if she didn’t appeal the decision.

"I said 'I don't need to drag this money out of her,'" Landrum said, offering to drop the city’s pursuit of legal costs if Nichols didn’t appeal. After weeks of hearing nothing regarding the deal, Nichols finally informed the city that she planned to appeal their decision.

Now, Nichols owes the city $7,116 to pay back legal costs, but since the decision this past October, Nichols has yet to repay a dime. The city says that .35 percent interest will be added to every year that the money is not repaid.

Still, according to Nichols attorney, the young woman is still planning to appeal the decision because she is convinced that there were errors in her original trial.


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