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Living Veteran Receives Death Notice From Government

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A veteran in North Carolina was shocked when he received a letter in the mail notifying him of his death last week.

Robert Pressley, a veteran from Wilmington, North Carolina, discovered last week that his family had letters from both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense. Both letters claimed that he was dead, and included checks to help cover funeral costs.

“To prove that I am alive is just insane and it scares me to death,” Pressley told WECT. “That at a touch of a button or because of someone's clerical error my whole life can be taken away from me and it is."

The mistake caused Pressley’s disability payments, VA healthcare and other insurance to be canceled – leaving him terrified for his financial well-being and stability.

"I mean what do I do?” he said. “I am not getting any answers, I am not getting any help, I am scared."

Pressley said he’s confused as to why the letters were sent to his ex-wife considering he notified the VA twice that he had divorced and is now remarried.

According to Pressley, he isn’t the only one who has encountered this type of clerical issue. Many other living veterans have also been declared dead by the VA.
“Gentleman have to wait one, two, three years to get their benefits back," he said. "I don't have that time span.”


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