Living Together Unmarried Is Illegal In Florida, Hundreds Charged

It may come as a surprise to most Floridians, but living together while unwed in the Sunshine State has been against the law since 1868.

WCTV reported in 2011 that almost 700 people had been charged under the obscure law since 2006, and half a million couples were breaking the ordinance by living together.

While there have been efforts to repeal the law, Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has remained silent on the issue. 

In addition to cohabitation offenders, the law also punishes cheating wives and husbands with a fine of $500 or up to 60 days in jail.

In 2011, state Rep. Dennis Baxley (R) told the Sun Sentinel, "I'm not ready to give up on monogamy and a cultural statement that marriage still matters."

The Associated Press reports that state Sen. Eleanor Sobel (D) recently wrote a bill, SB 1070, to repeal the law.

Sobel's bill would also stop judges from preventing parents, who are guilty of breaking the law, from being in contact with their kids.

Sources: WCTV, Sun Sentinel, Associated Press
Image Credit: Michael Rivera


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