Liverpool Mother Turns in 15-Year-Old Son for Robbing Bank with Imitation Firearm


A 15-year-old boy in England was recently sentenced to 40 months in a young offenders institution after he robbed a bank using an imitation firearm. The person who turned him in? His own mother.

According to BBC News, the teenage boy, whose identity cannot be named for legal reasons, was described in court as a “model pupil.” But on Sept. 20, the teen admitted to stealing more than £2,000 from a branch of Barclays bank in Liverpool, Merseyside.

The boy walked into the bank wearing a black parka-style coat, his hood tightly over his head and a scarf covering his face, according to prosecutor Kim Egerton. The teen revealed what appeared to be a black handgun and ordered a cashier to fill a bag with money.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” the teen told the cashiers. “I just got out of prison after five years. I’m not ****ing messing around.”

As they filled a bag with money, the cashiers reportedly added a “dummy bundle” — a bundle of cash designed to spray dye over the money when it leaves the building.

Two days later, the teen’s mother found a stash of dye-strained cash totaling £2,200 in a yellow drawstring bag while cleaning her son’s bedroom. She was also “horrified” to find the imitation firearm, noted Egerton.

So she decided to turn him over to the police.

Her son eventually confessed to the robbery. According to BBC News, the teen pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery last month and one count of possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

According to defendant Theresa Loftus, the teen knew he had “brought shame on his family.” She added his mother had “clearly instilled within him” true moral and family values.

The boy was “an intelligent young man who has shown some educational promise,” Loftus added.

Judge Clement Goldstone told Liverpool Crown Court that the boy carried on life as usual after the robbery occurred.

“Two days later, your mother found the money which you had hidden away, and then, later the same day, the gun,” the judge told the teen. “It was your mother who bravely and in a remarkable display of public spirit decided to take you to the police station, despite you pleading with her not to.”

The judge added: “However innocent you look now, as you sit in your smart suit, you did not look innocent when you held up bank staff at gunpoint and terrified them.”

He also noted that the mother’s actions were “all the more commendable” when compared with parents who defend their children who commit serious crimes.

Sources: BBC NewsDaily Mail


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