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Dog Attacks Child On Halloween, Neighbors Save The Day (Photos)

Cailynn Richards, was excitedly preparing to celebrate Halloween in New Castle, Indiana, when tragedy struck.

A neighbor's dog attacked the 4-year-old girl, leaving her unable to trick-or-treat or participate in the festivities many children spend all year looking forward to, WXIN reports.

Cailynn had to spend that evening at a hospital, recovering from the dog bites to her neck and face, The Courier-Times reports.

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While the child wasn't seriously injured, all her hopes for the day had been completely dashed.

When she woke up early the next morning, she was initially curious why nobody was trick-or-treating.

"She's been up since 5 o'clock this morning because that's all she's wanted to do -- go trick-or-treating," said Cailynn's mother, Sheena Moore.

When it dawned on her Halloween had ended, she was devastated to learn she had missed out on the entire holiday -- until her neighbors stepped in.

When Amy Page learned about the incident, she took to Facebook. The post rapidly gained attention, eventually reaching Henry Township Trustee Nancy Webb.

"I guess it just made me think of my own grandkids who are about the same age, and it spurred me into doing something," explained Webb. "I talked to a few friends and it just snowballed from there. Kids look forward to things that people take for granted. There's so much bad news out right now, that we need something good and positive to happen now and then, just to remind us what a good community we live in."

Although it was already Nov. 1, New Castle neighbors put on their costumes and lined up along a street to pass candy out to the little girl.

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"I just think it's good that we come from a community that everybody can come together like this for a little girl," teenager Hannah Wilkinson, who showed up for the event in costume, said.

The act of generosity certainly turned the girl's frown upside down, as photos of the event show.

"It's great," Cailynn said. "Everyone looks creepy."

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The dog has since been quarantined, even though Cailynn's mother says she will not press charges. Instead, Moore is simply grateful to local residents for what they did.

"I'm really happy that they did this for her," Moore said. "I just figured that we'd go around our neighborhood ... but I didn't expect all this."

Sources: WXIN, The Courier-Times / Photo credit: Sheena Moore via WXIN, The Courier-Times

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