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Little Girl Was Simply Riding Her Bike, Then Biker Gang Pulls Up And Says This (Video)

When a motorcycle club made up of police officers, military personnel, first responders, and firefighters learned that a little girl was being bullied at school for her love of dirt bikes and motorcycles, they decided to take action (video below).

Audrianna is 7 years old and has always been drawn more to riding dirt bikes and the outdoors than she has been to typical feminine things. Because of this, she was reportedly constantly bullied at school by kids who didn't understand her.

When a motorcycle club called The Punishers learned about Audrianna's bullying, they decided they had to come to her rescue, as the group is made up of tough people with good hearts who have no tolerance for bullying, says Newsiosity.

One day before school, The Punishers had shown up at her house to give her a ride to school, notes AWM. They gave her a custom vest and a helmet so she would ride in style.

When Audrianna showed up at school that day, her bullies were reportedly shocked. She knew this meant she wouldn't be messed with again. 

Sources: AWMNewsiosityABC News/YouTube / Photo credit: WTVG via AWM

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