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Sleeping Father Saves Infant Daughter (Video)

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A video (below) of a sleeping father saving his infant daughter from a potential severe fall has gone viral and is sparking questions about paternal instinct.

In the video, posted to YouTube, little Madison can be seen playing on the bed, her father sleeping face-down in the foreground.  Madison's mother is filming as her infant daughter bounces on the bed. 

Suddenly, Madison stands upright and tumbles backwards, seemingly about to topple head-first off of the bed and onto the floor, says Little Things.  

Somehow, the sleeping father manages to reach out and grab Madison's ankle, keeping her safe from what could have been a serious injury.  

Many commentators on the YouTube page were stunned by the father's innate paternal instinct.  

One commentator writes:  "Omg even I gasped when I saw the baby falling, nice save there dad!"  

Another chimes in:  "The dad has dad powers."  

The concept of 'dad powers' may not be that far removed from reality.  According to Discover Magazine, a 2013 study reveals that fathers may have just as much child-rearing instinct as mothers tend to have.  Researchers studied 29 families from two different countries, and tested whether both mothers and fathers could recognize audio recordings of their child's cries.  

According to the researchers, roughly 90 percent of both sexes could recognize the cries of their children.  That number, however, dipped to 75 percent if the parent spent less than four hours per day with their child.  

The results seem to indicate that the notion of a 'maternal instinct' in humans may be a bit exaggerated.  

Certainly, anyone who watches the video below will agree that paternal instinct definitely exists, and in this case, it made all the difference.  

Sources: Little Things, Discover Magazine, YouTube / Photo credit:

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