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Toddler Wanders Around Hurricane Harvey Floods (Video)

Toddler Wanders Around Hurricane Harvey Floods (Video) Promo Image

A confused toddler was spotted wandering the floods of Hurricane Harvey donning a diaper and clutching a bottle on August 28 (video below).

Renz Michael says he saw the girl through his window and rushed out to meet her, uploading footage of the incident on Twitter afterwards.

"I found this little girl walking in the streets alone," he wrote. "I decided to get her back to her house. #HurricaneHarvey Pearland, Texas. Houston."

Upon further questioning, Renz learned she had gone out walking while her parents were nearby and slipped away without them noticing.

When the child arrived home, her father was astonished and had no idea had even left.

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Since the video was uploaded, many have shared it widely and applauded Renz for his actions.

"Thank you to Renz Michael for making sure that the girl is home, with her parents, could have been worse for her, and the parents!," wrote one person on the Daily Mail's comments section.

However, while many praised Renz, they simultaneously condemned the toddler's parents.

"Well, let me say Thank You!," wrote one woman on Twitter. "Well done Sir! There is no telling what would have happened to her! Not very responsible parents."

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"I don't think I'd have given that child back to parents who let her get out to start with. do they have a bunch of other kids and this one just wasn't accounted for the group? Wouldn't you have them all together so you could keep track of them? No...I'd have taken the child home and called the police."

"You put your children first during any situation," added another. "If they need to make calls etc then you bring the child in a room with you & close the door. You just don't take your eyes off a toddler when there are flood waters around your house. Yes, bad parenting."

However, some defended the child's mother and father.

"Have you considered there's no electricity and the parents may be exhausted after several sleepless days of rain, winds and heat?," shot back one. "I have had a toddler slip out of the house from a secure back yard and wander down the street."

"Kids do sneak out when parents are distracted," added another. "Lets just thank the lord that this good Samaritan found her. Lets also hope this opened her parents eyes to how sneaky she is lol!"

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