Girl Out Of School After Shaving Head To Support Friend


A girl who shaved her head in support of her friend battling cancer was barred from attending school in Colorado.

Kamryn Renfro decided to cut her hair off to show solidarity with Delaney Clements, 11, who was diagnosed with childhood cancer and lost her hair during treatment, media reports said.

“It felt like the right thing to do,” Kamryn told KUSA.

Delaney was glad of the support.

“It made me feel very special and that I’m not alone,” she said.

But when Kamryn arrived at school, a teacher told her she was in breach of the dress code and could not enter the classroom.

“I didn’t realize that hair was such an important aspect of a child at school,” Wendy Campbell, Delaney’s mother, said.

Delaney was not a student at the same school, so was not affected by the ban.

An initial statement from Caprock Academy insisted the ban on Kamryn’s shaved head was in line with its policy.

“Caprock Academy does have a detailed dress code policy, which was created to promote safety, uniformity and a non-distracting environment for the school’s students. Under this policy, shaved heads are not permitted,” said Catherine Breman, president and chair of the school’s board of directors.

“For a little girl to be really brave and want to shave her head in support of her friend, I thought that was a huge statement and it builds character in a child,” added Campbell.

However, the school went on to note that exceptions could be made. Kamryn was ultimately allowed to return to the classroom the next day and the board met to agree that the policy could be ignored under the circumstances.

The decision was taken after the school came under a lot of public pressure. Caprock’s website crashed the day after Kamryn was prevented from attending school because of the amount of traffic it received from angry critics.

“This is preposterous,” one comment read on the school’s review page, according to The Denver Post.

“This is absolutely shameful,” said another.

“Where is this school, another freakin’ planet?” asked a third.

Sources: KUSA, The Denver Post / Photo credit: KUSA

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