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Little Girl Set On Fire By Stranger While Playing In Backyard

A six-year-old girl was reportedly playing in her backyard with her five-year-old brother when a random stranger intentionally set her hair on fire, leaving her with third-degree burns.

Disturbing reports say that six-year-old Jayden Beddo of Topeka, Kansas was rushed to a nearby hospital after a stranger set her hair on fire while she and her younger brother were playing in their backyard.

“He scooted closer to us then he grabbed a cigarette out of his pocket and he lit it by my sister's hair, and then her hair was caught on fire,” five-year-old Christopher Beddo explained.

The quick-thinking little boy rushed inside to get help from his uncle, who was ultimately able to put the fire out before calling 911.

“It was like something out of a horror movie. Her head was completely engulfed in flames,” uncle George Hearne recalled. “I ran up to her and patted her out with my hands and got the fire out and called 911. She was so terrified and scared about what happened.”

Police say they are currently investigating to try and figure out who could have done something so cruel, but with little information other than a description from Jayden’s brother, they are asking the public for help.

Doctors say that Jayden will likely have permanent scars on her head and admit that the little girl’s hair may never grow back. The six-year-old’s family says they are having a hard time coming to terms with what happened.

“It's unbelievable. I can't believe how someone could do this to such an innocent child that wasn't doing anything wrong,” Hearne said. “She was playing in her backyard on a nice day and you can have the mindset to cause this pain to a child.”

Sources:KTLA, KCTV5 News, The Topeka Capital-Journal / Photo Source: KCTV5 News


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