Little Girl Makes Horrific Discovery In Her Backpack, School Reacts In Shocking Way (Photos)


A Colorado mother says her daughter was the victim of a disturbing act of bullying and the school is doing nothing about it.

Shelby Cady, 12, came home from Delta Middle School one day to find a dead pig’s face in her backpack, KKCO 11 reported.

"I was crying and screaming,” Shelby said. “I thought it was one of my friends playing a trick on me.”

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The sixth-grader learned that it was not a prank by a friend but an act of bullying by a boy in her class. She said she believes she was targeted and added that she’s been getting bullied ever since moving to Delta from Arkansas last year, reports KDVR.

"They call me arkan-sass, and they call me polar bear killer because I wore this really fluffy coat,” Shelby said.

Shelby’s mother, Robin Earnest, said her daughter was born with a disability that slows her growth. She confronted school officials about the incident, but said they treated it like it wasn’t a big deal.

The baby pig's face apparently came from a dissection class the seventh-graders at the school had attended.

"Our tax dollars pay for these kids to be able to learn and dissect things like this, and I asked the principal, who is accountable for the items being returned?’” Earnest said. "What if it was something worse like the scalpel? They can seriously injure each other with that."

Earnest said she hasn’t gotten a call back and her daughter cried for hours.

"Just because they're middle-schoolers and they do things like this, it’s not OK,” the mother added. “And for the principal to tell me that the boy was being a stinker? That was her exact words.”

The student responsible for the bullying was given a two-day in-school suspension and told write a letter of apology. Shelby said the letter was three sentences long and the boy continues to bully her.

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"I just think that he wrote it to go back to class so he wouldn't have to deal with the whole thing,” she said.

Assistant superintendent of the Delta County School District, Kirk Clay, said they don’t believe the act was malicious and that the students didn’t even know each other. Shelby said that is not the case and that she and the boy take the same bus route home every day together.

"I consider something like that bullying and they said it’s not,” Earnest said. “So we need to define what bullying is in our schools so our children can be protected.”

Sources: KKCO 11KDVR

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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