Little Girl Helps Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Storm Drain (Photos)


When firefighters in Pennsylvania were too big to rescue a kitten from a storm drain, a little girl stepped in and saved the day.

Firefighters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, responded to a call from 6-year-old Janeysha Cruz’s mother about a kitten that became trapped in a storm drain. When authorities arrived to the scene, they discovered that the drain was too small for them to enter. 

“A crew of [four] members took Engine 66-1 to the location to assist,” the department wrote on their Facebook page.“Hand tools were utilized to remove the drain cover, however, due to the confined space, no adults were going to be able to reach the kitten which was 2.5 feet down.” 

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Cruz’s mother then gave the firefighters permission to lower her daughter three feet down into the drain. 

“The LTFD crew lowered Janeysha into the hole where she was able to lure the kitten into her arms and handed her out to safety,” the Facebook post read.

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The kitten was reportedly taken to a local SPCA following the rescue, where she will be cared for until she’s adopted.

“Special thanks goes out to Janeysha for her assistance,” the fire department wrote.

Sources: Inquisitr, Washington Post

Photo Credit: Inquisitr


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