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Little Girl Hears The Word Her Grandma Said, Completely Goes Off On Her (Video)

A little girl was caught on camera telling her grandmother off for using bad language, and now, the video (below) has gone viral.

In the viral clip, a little girl named Josie, called a “Diva in Training” by her family, scolds her grandmother for using a curse word.

“I’m not talking to you anymore guys, because I’m really upset,” Josie says in the clip.

When her family asks why, the fierce girl explains that she’s sick of hearing her grandmother use bad words.

“She said a bad word to me,” Josie explains.

After trying to explain to her family why she was so frustrated, Josie ultimately decides the situation has exhausted her.

“I’m going to go home, take a rest, and then I’m gonna be upset,” Josie announces.

Take a look at this little girl’s explosive outburst at her family in the viral clip below:

Sources: LiftBumpLittleThings

Photo Credit: Screen Capture


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