Little Girl Falls Out Window, Toy Saves Her Life


A stuffed toy helped save the life of a Colorado Springs, Colorado, girl who fell out of a window.

The 5-year-old girl was playing in her bedroom when she fell backward from the third story window, The Associated Press reports.

Her accidental fall to the ground was cushioned by a stuffed Minion toy she held in her arms, according to Colorado Springs police.

The only injury the girl sustained was a broken arm, and authorities credit the toy with helping to save her life.

The stuffed Minion toy represents the small, yellow creatures who aid supervillains in the highly successful animated film “Despicable Me" and its sequel. The creatures also had their own movie released in 2015, aptly titled “Minions,” which made over $1.1 billion worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo.

Sources: The Associated Press via KRON, Box Office Mojo / Photo credit: Nancy <I'm gonna SNAP!/Flickr

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