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'Oh My Gosh!': 4-Year-Old's Wish Comes True, Thanks To UPS (Video)

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A 4-year-old Colorado boy’s dream of becoming a UPS driver for a day came true, after a local driver submitted the wish to UPS’s Your Wishes Deliver program.

Carson Knight of Colorado Springs was born with a condition that prohibited him from drinking anything with milk proteins, which means special formula has to be delivered several times each week. Over the years, Carson developed a special friendship with the driver, Mr. Ernie, who handled the neighborhood’s route.

Each time Ernie drove up to the house, Carson would run outside to greet him. The 4-year-old loved the deliveries so much that his parents even bought him a UPS uniform.

“He loved trucks in general,” Ernie said, “but for some reason the UPS truck just really captivated him.”

When Ernie realized Carson’s dream of becoming a UPS driver, he submitted the wish to UPS’s Your Wishes Delivered program, which donates $1 to The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Salvation Army or the Toys for Tots Literacy Program for each wish submitted. The company also makes some of the wishes come true.

Following Ernie’s submission, the truck driver showed up to Carson’s house with a toy UPS truck and some boxes to deliver to neighbors.

“It has a pedal in there!” Carson exclaimed. “Oh my gosh.”

Carson got straight to work and helped Ernie deliver several packages. The little boy even made sure that every recipient signed off for his or her items.

Since the day Carson’s wish was granted, Ernie was moved to a new route. However, the change hasn’t affected Carson, who has continued to deliver treats to neighbors in his toy UPS truck.

Sources: E! Online, Fox News / Photo Credit: YouTube


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