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Cute Little Boy John Boarman Gets Caught Eating Cupcake, Tries to Deny It (Video)

Little kids are the best. When they do things that adults would get killed for, like not telling the truth, they become viral sensations. When adults do it, they are pathological liars.

It’s actually a pretty crazy double standard when you think about it.

Case in point: little John Boarman.

In a recently uploaded clip that is currently spreading across the web like wildfire, Boarman can be seen denying that he ate a cupcake that he very clearly just ate. His mouth is covered in sprinkles. He has the look of a future hardened criminal. It all sets itself up perfectly to be an internet hit.

Check it out:

Stealing cupcakes is how it starts. That’s all I’m going to say.

(Daily Star)


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