Listen to Tiger Woods' Wife Frantic 911 Call on Sick Mom

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Fire officials in Florida have released the 911 call that Tiger Woods' wife made early this morning after her mother fell ill. Elin Nordegren was in a panic after her mother collapsed on the floor of the bathroom, as her children cried in the background.

Click here to listen to the call:

Barbro Holmberg was rushed to the hospital at about 2:30 Tuesday morning with stomach pains. She was admitted, treated, and released at about 2 p.m.

At a news conference, Health Central Hospital spokesman Dan Yates said, "She's in a good state and feeling much better." Earlier he had described her condition as "not serious."

"She was wheeled out in a wheelchair, just like everyone else is," Yates added, referring to a standard discharge practice at U.S. hospitals.

This is the latest round of unwanted attention for Woods and his wife, which started when Woods smashed his SUV into a tree in the early morning hours after Thanksgiving. Since then, it seems a new woman comes out each day and says she had an affair with the golfer.


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