Listen to Tiger Woods' Wife Frantic 911 Call on Sick Mom

Fire officials in Florida have released the 911 call that Tiger Woods' wife made early this morning after her mother fell ill. Elin Nordegren was in a panic after her mother collapsed on the floor of the bathroom, as her children cried in the background.

Click here to listen to the call:

Barbro Holmberg was rushed to the hospital at about 2:30 Tuesday morning with stomach pains. She was admitted, treated, and released at about 2 p.m.

At a news conference, Health Central Hospital spokesman Dan Yates said, "She's in a good state and feeling much better." Earlier he had described her condition as "not serious."

"She was wheeled out in a wheelchair, just like everyone else is," Yates added, referring to a standard discharge practice at U.S. hospitals.

This is the latest round of unwanted attention for Woods and his wife, which started when Woods smashed his SUV into a tree in the early morning hours after Thanksgiving. Since then, it seems a new woman comes out each day and says she had an affair with the golfer.


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