Lisset Mamani Throws Husband's Mistress off Cliff (Video)

Lisset Mamani recently threw another woman, Sandra Morales, off a cliff for allegedly having an affair with her husband.

The bizarre attack was captured on a surveillance video (below) in Arequipa, Peru.

When Mamani grabs Morales by the hair and starts dragging her towards the cliff, the heel of a husband runs the other way, notes Inquisitr.com.

Mamani was able to push Morales off the cliff  and the "other woman" fell more than 20 feet.

Morales survived the fall, but did end up with minor injuries such as cuts and bruises. She was treated at a hospital and released.

The angry wife has apologized for the incident, but doesn't remember throwing the woman off the cliff, just dragging her by the hair. Mamani has separated from her husband and asked him to provide for their four kids.

No word if Mamani will face any criminal charges.

Source: Inquisitr.com


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