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Connecticut Mom Charged For Giving 11-Year-Old Son Grenade For School Show And Tell

An 11-year-old Connecticut student’s mother was arrested after she gave her son a grenade to share with the class for a World War II and D-Day assignment.

Police charged 44-year-old Lisa Miguel, of Stratford, Connecticut, with risk of injury to a minor, reckless endangerment and illegal possession of an explosive.

Miguel told police her father had given her the grenade from his military days, but told her it was a dud; she kept it in a dresser drawer for years before remembering it for her son’s school project, the Daily Mail reported.

Stratford Academy was placed on lockdown when the boy presented the grenade in front of the class on Friday.

Students were sent into classrooms at the back of the school and an area around the school was blocked off until the state police bomb squad determined the grenade was a simulator used for training, the Connecticut Post reports.

Maureen Didomenico, the school’s principal, notified police that a student brought a hand grenade to school to show his classmates.

According to the boy’s teacher, the class had been studying World War II and students were asked to bring in any items from that time period.

“She should have contacted the Police Department or a military service to identify what the item was and if, in fact, it was a dud,” Stratford Police Capt. Paul DosSantos told CBS New York. “It is technically property of the military, and civilians should not possess such an item.”

Police say the simulator grenade could have injured people within a 20-foot radius.

Miguel, who declined to comment, was released without bail and is scheduled to appear in court next week, CBS reports.

Sources: Daily Mail, Connecticut Post, CBS New York


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