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Lisa McQuade Rides Aimlessly on Subway Before Telling Police She Killed her Boyfriend

A woman from New York shot and killed her husband, but wandered around the subway for hours before she confessed to the crime.

Lisa McQuade, 38, told officers at Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal that her boyfriend was beating her, so she killed him.

Authorities went to her house and found Christopher Bonafede, 39, dead in a blood-soaked bed. He was shot in the head.

“It’s a domestic situation that went bad. She wanted to leave, and he didn’t want her to leave,” police said.

When they visited the scene on Sunday night, they had to first tranquilize her pit bulls as they would not stop barking.

There was blood smeared on the front door and a barbell had been thrown through Bonafede’s car window.

After they entered, they found two guns.

She was arrested on charges of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a loaded gun.

The two lived in the house for a couple of years and neighbors said they mostly kept to themselves.

“They are kind of the weird couple on the block,” neighbor Robert Scott said.

Some neighbors said they called the police several times when they heard them fighting.

McQuade worked at a gym in New Jersey in the administrative department. Christopher Bonafede worked in the city Department of Sanitation. He was also a motorbike enthusiast and member of The Bridgerunners Motorcycle Club in Brooklyn.



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