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Lisa Donlon Found Not Guilty of Murder After She Shot Husband Dead While He Slept

An Alaskan woman was found not guilty of murder Tuesday after she shot her husband six times while he slept, saying that he had tortured her and trapped her in the house.

Lisa Donlon was charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide, but is now a free woman after the jury deliberated for several days following the four-week trial.

Her defense was that Jason Donlon raped her and tortured her for three days before she shot him, and that he had kept her against her will in a cabin or storage shed in Butte, Alaska.

To escape, she shot her husband once in the head and five times in the back with a .45-caliber handgun as he slept on Oct. 7, 2010. She then called police to report it.

Prosecutors said she had no bruises or scrapes, and there was nothing to indicate she was raped or tortured.

Donlon's lawyer said she was a victim of domestic violence and that she was trying to protect herself and her children.

"Anyone I think would have done what Lisa Donlon did to protect herself and to protect her children under those circumstances," defense attorney Zachary Renfro said. "Lisa Donlon was kept in a 12-by-20 cabin against her will, unable to leave by the threat of death to her, death to her children."

The couple married in 1995, but once they moved to Eagle River in 2006, they began to experience problems in their marriage. In that year, Lisa had a restraining order against Jason and showed doctors injuries she sustained by his beatings.

When she filed for the restraining order, she said he was furious when she said she wanted a divorce.

"He packed his things, told the kids, 'bye,' but twenty minutes later he came back with his two loaded guns," she wrote in a petition for the order. "He was trying to force me to call the police because he wanted to be shot by police officers so it wouldn't look like a suicide."

In the petition, she also said that her husband pointed a gun at her, threw her out of the house with no clothes on and choked her until she was unconscious.

"I have a feeling that he would use his guns easily, and I don't want to create any situation that would trigger that," she wrote.

Days after the restraining order was filed, Jason filed for divorce.

But soon, the couple reconciled and lived together again.

Donlon said she hoped and prayed that the verdict would be in her favor.

"I left it in God's hands," she said. 

She said she doesn't remember what she thought while she killed him, as she was still in shock from being raped and threatened.

Sources: KTUU,Daily Mail


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