LinkedIn Banning Profiles of Sex Workers

LinkedIn, a popular professional networking social media site, said on Monday that sex workers will no longer be able to advertise their services.

Because prostitution is not illegal in every country and is legal in some parts of the U.S., sex workers have taken advantage of this loophole.

LinkedIn's new privacy policy and user agreement now states: “Don’t undertake the following... Even if it is legal where you are located, create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution."

“What’s the problem? We have a license to do this stuff,”  Dennis Hof, owner of of several legal brothels in Nevada, told NBCNews.com. “Our business is legal as theirs. We’re the good guys. We have no reason to be knocked off.”

“LinkedIn needs to realize they don’t need to filter out legal businesses in America,” added Hof. “These are businesswomen, and some of them are making mid-six-figure incomes. If it’s okay to do that, is it okay to drop Dairy Queen too because it serves too much fat and calories?”

LinkedIn profiles do not include prostitution listings, but have listed massage services, independent escort professionalism and companionship.

“I’m not saying we’re going to do a purge, though we very well may,” Hani Durzy, LinkedIn’s director of corporate communications, told NBCNews.com. “In a nutshell, as we become aware of profiles that violate our policies we will take the appropriate actions. Does that mean shutting them down on day one? Or giving our members the benefit of the doubt, and telling them that’s a violation and you’ve got to change it? There is no hard and fast rule.”

Source: NBCNews.com


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