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Lindsay Lowe Faces Trial for Smothering Babies

Lindsey Lowe, 26, is facing two counts of first-degree murder after officers found two dead babies in a laundry basket at Lowe’s house on Sept. 14, 2011.

Lowe had told police she gave birth to the twin boys in the bathroom of the home on Sept. 12 and smothered them so that her parent’s would not hear their cries. One of the babies was found two days later by Lowe’s parents and they immediately alerted the police.

Officer Jeremy Fentress was one of the officers called to the Lowe household on Sept. 14, 2011 and he took the stand in Lowe’s trial that opened Monday. He described entering the defendant’s bedroom where he found a bloody towel.

“After I pulled the bloody towel back, I saw a deceased infant,” he said on the stand.

Fentress said he touched the baby with two fingers and found that is was cold and not breathing.

Sgt. James Garrett arrived at the house along with Fentress and was the officer who found the second baby.

As the officers were getting ready to lay the first deceased baby down on the bed, Garrett discovered an umbilical cord, still attached to something else in the basket that the first baby was found in. Garrett pulled aside a sheet to discover the second baby underneath, also deceased.

At the trial, Assistant District Attorney General Ron Blanton recalled Lowe’s statement to the police: “I just put my hand down there over their mouth—the baby’s mouth—until it stopped crying.”

Lowe’s attorney John Pellegrin argued that Lowe didn’t clearly recall what had happened that night and suggested that the police detective who interviewed Lowe “planted” the idea that she could have smothered them.

However, both sides do agree that Lowe didn’t act like a pregnant woman in the weeks leading up the birth of the twin boys.

“Officers, during their search of the house, found no evidence of an expectation of life,” Blanton said in the opening statements. “There were no diapers, no pacis, no blankets, no car seat.”

Prosecutors argued that the lack of preparation indicated that Lowe never intended for her babies to live.

The defense argued a slightly more complex point, saying that Lowe wasn’t fully aware that she was pregnant.

“Lindsey Lowe was pregnant but she refused to accept it, her mind refused to accept it,” Pellegrin said. “She thinks her internal organs are coming out,” he told the jury about the births.

Lowe’s family and friends and members of the church she attends have come to her defense, with her father describing her as a “model daughter.”

If convicted, Lowe will face life in prison without parole. Prosecutors have previously said they will not seek the death penalty.

(Huffington Post)


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