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Lindsay Lohan Has Emergency Surgery After Boating Accident

Lindsay Lohan underwent emergency surgery to reattach her ring finger after it was partially severed during a boating accident.

The incident occurred on Oct. 2 off the coast of Turkey. Lohan was trying to lift the anchor of the boat she was on when she got tangled up in the rope and careened into the water, TMZ reported.

Lohan tried freeing herself from the anchor ropes when the heavy boating machinery seared into her ring finger, cutting half of it off.

Lohan’s boating friends were able to find the severed finger. She was then rushed to a nearby hospital, where a surgical procedure was done to reattach the finger.

After the procedure, Lohan took to Snapchat to talk about the accident.

“I almost lost my finger from the anchor,” Lohan wrote to her Snapchat followers. “Well, I lost half my finger, thank goodness we found the piece of my finger… I just had surgery to fix it… it hurts so bad.”

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Lohan was on her way to conduct a humanitarian mission to help support Syrian refugees, the Daily Mail reported. She visited an Istanbul hospital, and a family of refugees.

“Meet the Hussein Family,” Lohan wrote on Instagram. “The father, Mohammad, was injured severely in Aleppo and his wife left him and her three kids after they migrated to Turkey. The lovely girl is Heya (9) and her twin brother is Leys... The Sultanbeyli Municipality is covering their rent and kitchen expenses but the conditions of the house are very bad."

“The older brother was not in the house with us because although he is 17, he had to work in order to take better care of his family.”

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