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Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to Jail Again

Lindsay Lohan was at the Los Angeles courthouse for a probation violation hearing today.  A judge revoked Lohan’s probation two weeks ago after Lindsay was terminated from a community service assignment at a women’s shelter.  She has recently been performing community service at the county morgue.  Today Judge Stephanie Sautner said that Lindsay must not only finish her community service at the morgue, but she will have to spend 30 days in jail.

TMZ has the scoop: The Sheriff’s Dept. tells us Lindsay will serve 20% of the 30 days — 6 days in jail.  Judge Stephanie Sautner gave Lindsay a strict schedule on completing the rest of her probation — by December 14, she must have completed 12 days at the morge and 4 psychotherapy sessions.  By January 17, another 12 days at morgue and 4 psychotherapy sessions.  And so on.  Everything must be completed by March 29 — or she goes directly to jail for 270 days.

The judge made it very clear that Lindsay better finish her probation and no messing around.  If Lindsay reverts to her old self and starts playing games the  judged warned her she could send her to jail for another 270 days.

What are the odds that Lindsay can stay out of trouble?  About 0%   I see a lot more jail time in her future.  What do you think?


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