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Lincolnshire Man Timothy Sawyer Throws Away $46 Ticket, Gets Fined $1300 For Littering

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Timothy Sawyer, an angry Lincolnshire driver who was charged $46 for a parking ticket in July of last year, now faces $1,300 in fines for littering.

The 64-year-old reportedly threw his crumpled parking ticket on the ground and said to the officer: “I will f****** well park here.”

That got him a littering ticket.

Sawyer refused to pay the charge within seven days and neglected a court hearing for the littering charge.

Officer Keith Briggs, who initially fined Sawyer for his parking violation, said that he had parked in a dangerous position between a bus stop and pedestrian crossing. Briggs recognized Sawyer because of two previous issues regarding a dog.

One of his neighbors added: “He can be a grumpy old boy. He is very stubborn indeed.”

Sawyer exhibited abusive behavior several times in the presence of law officials, often spewing obscenities over the phone. He followed with complaints of the court misspelling his name and wrote abusive letters to various court officials.

When asked to comment on the situation, Sawyer said: “They are going to have the shock of their lives.”

Sawyer is the second person to receive a hefty fine for littering in the Lincolnshire Market Place. A 23-year-old man was ordered to pay $842 last year for dropping a chip bag.

Sources: Horncastle News, Daily Mail


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