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Lightning Strike Lights Lake Of Bourbon On Fire, Causing Firenado (Video)

Jim Beam may burn a little on the way down, but it’s likely nothing compared to what happened to a lake near the bourbon company’s Kentucky distillery when lightning struck the facility (video below).

In a video recently released by The Weather Channel, the lake is on fire. What’s more is that a rare ‘firenado' developed over the lake. “You have to have the exact right conditions for something like this to happen: A body of water with a flammable substance on top and weather conditions that whip the fire into a funnel,” The Weather Channel explained. “Fortunately the pond kept the fire from spreading. It took quite an effort, the fire was put out.”

The lighting strikes caused 800,000 gallons of bourbon to flood the nearby retention lake, WCPO reported. 

Perhaps Kentucky Fire, Jim Beam's brand of cinnamon-flavored bourbon, may be a little too literal.

Sources: WCPO, The Weather Channel Screenshot via The Weather Channel


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