The Green Messiahs: Light's Off and Nobody's Home


Here’s a reminder that we have once again come to that one night of the year when humanity comes together, stands in solidarity, and participates in the ultimate show of mankind’s common love of the planet.

Tonight, at the behest of several well-known Green Messiahs such as nutjob David Suzuki and with the encouragement of the public relations departments of multinational corporations, humans all across the world will get in touch with their inner Gore and soothe their eco-guilt by finally solving the climate change problem…

…by turning off lights?

Alright, I will try this once again.

To the Head Greens, or Gore, or whoever is running the charade environmental movement: we believe you. We agree that, at least to a certain extent, the global climate is changing.

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While I admire your stubbornness to refuse to acknowledge that this has been happening since Earth Day One - way before humans ever walked the face of the planet, or that the sun could be the real culprit, I must say that your methods are beginning to damage your (snicker!) credibility.

Shtick like Earth Hour does what for the environment, exactly? How much carbon does it vacuum from our atmosphere? How many plants does it save?

My family practices common sense year round. We always turn the lights off when we leave a room, never leave the car running (except on a cold Alberta winters day. Screw the ozone when it’s -38c.).

We do it because it is costly not to, and because it is the proper thing to do. We don’t turn off a light because the Green Police will charge us.

Not yet, anyhow.

So in the interest of global unity and common sense, my family will be proudly lighting it up at our house tonight. Every light will shine bright, the television will be showing its usual horrible, yet power-sucking, fare.  The PC will be on.

Hell, I may even dust off and plug in the Christmas lights.

In the meantime, if you folks in charge of the Movement stand behind your claims, if you really believe in the crap you are always spewing at us, how about coming up with some actual solutions instead of gimmicks?

Earth Hour. The light's off and nobody's home.


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