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Lifeguard Rescues Drowning 3-Year-Old Girl (Video)

If not for the alertness and quick action of one lifeguard, a 3-year-old girl might have drowned at a South Carolina wave pool (video below).

In video footage of the incident, a little girl can be seen floating with the assistance of rubber rings when the wave function is switched on, and the surges of waves begin to submerge her.

A lifeguard is seen pacing the edge of the pool, surveying the water, when he suddenly notices the struggling girl, who is barely visible among the crowd of swimmers.

Quickly he jumps into the pool and safely lifts the toddler above the water and carries her back to dry ground.

Why the child’s parents left her in the pool alone remains a mystery, and the subject of much online social commentary, the Daily Mail notes.

Earlier in 2016, a 4-year-old boy almost drowned in a wave pool on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, reported CBS News. He was swept away in the pool for about 6 minutes before being discovered unconscious; the ship’s medical staff was able to revive him. His mother had reported him missing before the near-drowning took place.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS News / Photo Credit: Lifeguard Rescue/YouTube via Daily Mail

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