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Lifeguard Seems To Single Out Gay Couple For Public Display Of Affection (Video)

Brandon Roper “pecked” his boyfriend Giuseppe Cellura at Tehama Ridge community pool in Texas, but he was immediately singled out by a lifeguard. “You can’t do that!” she allegedly told the couple. “I’m calling the management!” (video below)

The pool manager, who is the lifeguard’s older brother, asked the couple about the incident and told them public displays of affection were banned, Queerty reported. Their exchange was caught on camera.

“Is there a rule about PDA?” Roper replied. “Or is it just because we’re gay?”

The pool didn’t have any posted rules about public displays of affection, and the couple said straight couples were not chastised.

“(I felt) singled out and discriminated against. Like I was different than everyone else in the pool and not only that, but (I was) embarrassed,” Roper told CBS DFW.

A member of the Roper family posted a video of the incident on YouTube, but things have taken a more serious turn. Belinda Roper, Brandon’s mother, posted the video to her community group on Facebook and has received threatening messages.

One message allegedly asked Belinda if she’d like men with guns to visit the pool.

“I’m afraid for my life. I’m very afraid for my life,” said Belinda.

Fort Worth Police are now investigating the threats, but Belinda and Brandon want an apology. “In today’s society, if you have that kind of blatant disrespect and bigotry, there are prices to pay,” said Brandon.

The company that hired the pool manager, Barefoot Management, has apologized and the lifeguard and the pool manager have since been fired, reports CBS DFW.

Sources: CBS DFW, Queerty Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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