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Lifeguard Caught Sleeping On The Job (Video)

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A lifeguard was caught on video (below) sleeping on the job.

In the video, a beach-goer with a camera approaches a woman laying on a towel asleep, while a child plays next to her.

“Are you a lifeguard?” the cameraman asks. “I used to be a lifeguard for five years. I just want to know why you’re laying down on the job.”

The lifeguard tells the cameraman that the reason she was sleeping on the job is because she’s tired. The cameraman points out that she’s wearing pants and socks, which would cause her to be unprepared if something should go wrong out in the water.

“You’re down here, you cannot see. Tell me you can see everybody in the water from being down here,” he says. “You’re supposed to be watching the water. So, can you do your job and watch the water?”

He then asks about the child next to her, who the woman says is her daughter.

When asked why she brought her daughter to work, the woman reveals that the girl’s father is at the park.

“I’m letting you know I’m recording this,” he says. “You don’t have to give me permission. This is a public facility. I will be sending this to the mayor’s office.”

Watch the exchange below.

Sources: My Fox Chicago, Chicago Tribune

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