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Life-Saving Hero Michael Rogers Actually Fugitive Child Molester

A strange twist in the story of a man who saved a Connecticut girl from drowning herself -- the hero good Samaritan is actually a convicted child molester on the run from Georgia.

The Daily Mail reports the story begins in September, when 49-year-old Michael Rogers was jogging near a lake in the Connecticut town of Hamden. He heard a woman crying for help. It turns out it was a counselor from a child therapy center, who was pleading for a teen who was going to kill herself in the lake to stop.

Rogers climbed over a fence and restrained the 16-year-old girl for five minutes until police arrived. He even had to save an officer who went in too deep and couldn't get himself out of the muck.

'If I walked away it would be on my conscience. I just couldn't walk away from that,' Rogers told the New Haven Register at the time.

The officer later visited Rogers at his home, thanking him for saving his life as well as the girl's.

But the feel-good story ended last week when police somehow learned about Rogers's background. He was convicted in 2001 on four counts of child molestation. He left the state in 2005, a violation of his parole. Georgia officials have been looking for him ever since.

Rogers is now being held without bond as Georgia seeks his extradition.


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