Life is Short - Agency Encourages You to Cheat On Your Spouse


Perhaps some of you can help me out here. My husband alerted me to this ad he saw on television about "married dating." It's called The Ashley Madison Agency. I'm probably behind the ball on this one, as I usually am if it's television-related. (I need to start watching more TV.) The company's slogan is "Life is Short. Have an Affair."

So I laughed and asked my husband if this was a joke or something. No, he said. It's no joke. So then I asked, "Well, wait. So is it like an open marriage type thing, where it's all on the up and up?" No, he says. So basically, the purpose of this company is to offer people who are unsatisfied in their marriages a means to cheat on their spouse. If I'm missing something here, please tell me. Because as morally vacuous as our society is, I still have a hard time believing this is real. I mean, morality aside, who has time to have an affair?

Affairs are nothing but trouble. No good can come from it -- unless, of course, both partners agree to have them and want to stay married for other reasons. (You know, like Bill and Hillary - who my husband's convinced have an "arrangement.") And only if there are no children in the picture.

What's most striking about this company is that it's advocating for premeditated affairs. It's not like a case of two very unhappy people, one of whom falls into the lap of another man or woman and tries desperately to do the right thing. This is pre-planned, paid-for-in-advance adultery. I don't get it. How could a place like this exist?

Even if we are morally corrupt.


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